Sprint Wins $139.8 million in Time Warner Cable VoiP Patent Feud   |  

Sprint has just scored a massive payout in its longstanding VoIP patent feud with Time Warner Cable. A jury in Sprint’s hometown of Kansas City said that Time Warner Cable must pay the wireless carrier $139.8 million for infringing on numerous Sprint-owned patents related to internet phone services. Sprint originally filed lawsuits against Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox, and Cable One back in 2011, accusing the cable operators of violated 12 different Sprint VoIP-related patents.

The company extracted an $80 million settlement out of Vonage back in 2007, and sued a number of smaller VoIP providers in 2008. Both Cox and Comcast countersued Sprint with some success, though those cases remain ongoing (Sprint’s case against Comcast is actually scheduled to go to trial today). Sprint’s lawsuit against Cable ONE was dismissed by the courts late last year.

In this latest case, the courts found that Time Warner Cable infringed on five of the twelve patents Sprint sued over.

“We are disappointed with the outcome and are considering our options,” a Charter spokesperson told Bloomberg News.

Source: http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Sprint-Wins-1398-million-in-Time-Warner-Cable-VoiP-Patent-Feud-139084