We can represent you directly before the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) and the courts in Vietnam. Internationally, we can also represent you under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), so as to defer costs and give you maximum flexibility in choosing the countries where you want protection. We also offer a full “national phase” service in Vietnam and many other Asian countries for clients seeking patent protection through that Convention.

Our services include:

  • Patent search.
  • Patent translation.
  • Preparing patent applications and prosecuting such applications through issuance in the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP), including reissues and reexaminations,  and appeals and interferences before NOIP Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and Court of Appeals for the Court.
  • Foreign patent prosecution and opposition proceedings.
  • Representing patent owners as well as persons accused of infringement in infringement lawsuits and proceedings in the Courts.
  • Performing patentability, validity, infringement and right to use studies.
  • Patent maintenance.