PSFM Group supports anti-dumping ordinance   |  

The group termed earlier criticism of the law unfair and said the ordinance was in the public interest. “The allegation that anti-dumping laws do not take into account public interest and are, therefore, damaging the domestic textile industry is baseless. The Ordinance clearly states that imposition of anti-dumping duties to offset injurious dumping is, in fact, in the public interest”, said a statement issued by the group.
The PSFM is a group of companies such as Rupali Polyester, Dewan Salman Fibres and ICI Pakistan Ltd.

The assertion that a “public interest” clause is included in anti-dumping legislation worldwide is also inaccurate. Only a handful of WTO members have such a “public interest” clause in their legislation and, its actual usage is very rare, it said and adding, it is noteworthy that the international Anti-dumping Agreement does not require national authorities to make the imposition of anti-dumping duty subject to a “public interest” test.

Anti-dumping duty is recognized globally as an instrument for ensuring fair trade and is not a tool for protectionism. In fact, it serves as an equalization mechanism ensuring a level playing field for the industry concerned.