Starbucks try to take down Indian competitor   |  

In India this week, Starbucks started a litigation lawsuit with a local bakery called ‘The Cake Bucks’. Starbucks have taken the case to the Delhi High Court, alleging trademark violations over the use of similar-sounding marks.

The Delhi High Court issues the notice to The Cake Bucks last week, and the date of the hearing is set for March 24th when a decision will be reached.

Ashish Agarwal is the owner of the bakery, and he told local press that he registered the trademark a year ago for The Cake Bucks, and has nothing to fear. He was unaware of the developments and refuted the charges as the trademark owner.

Both businesses are relatively new to India, with Starbucks joining the country in 2012 and The Cake Bucks opening two years ago. They are both trying to expand to other parts of the city and therefore the results of the case will have a large impact on both companies.

It is not uncommon for large companies to take their franchises to India and then file for infringement against smaller Indian companies. Multinational giants that have done so include Walmart and Burger King.

Source: Trademark Lawyer Magazine